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ato gaming channel present | Karma emerges into sight on the wings of prestige. From the topmost tip of her mantle to the lowest hem of her gown, she is the perfect picture of Ionian class. She pauses, poised at the threshold, admiring the delicate ornamentation that League artisans crafted into the Great Hall. Karma has seen the Great Hall on numerous occasions, but her eyes manage to well with appreciation in every instance. As she crosses the hall, grace drips from every movement, and she wades in an air of distinction. At the marble doors, she touches the frame delicately. They part gently for her, as if they were trying to match the elegance of her motion. She vanishes through the archway, and the room left behind feels emptier than it had before she entered. ♥ Subscribe for more: ♥ Blog: ♥ Google++: ♥ Youtube: ♥ Gamer: ♥ Follow on Twitter: ♥ Facebook: ♥ TV: ♥ Thank for watching!